A Love Letter to Ljubljana

Dear Ljubljana,

I have a confession to make… You had me swooning over you, and I’ve never intended to.

Prior to my short European trip last February, I’ve imagined to be in love with Lake Bled, the Alps of Salzburg or the City of Vienna. But you stood out.

With your -8 degrees Celsius temperature, I remember feeling very shivery the first time we met. However, you embraced me with your warmth thru your people’s hospitality. I can vividly remember that cab driver who assisted us in carrying our sets of luggage through the stairs from the basement of the parking lot to the city’s park; he who only charged us a small amount of money (3 Euros when it was supposedly about 10 Euros!) and never accepted the tip I gave him. You showed off on the same night through that old Slovenian man who asked if we needed any assistance with our sets of luggage as we were figuring out our way to our hotel. Your people are real gentleman. You were just right on target. I was so impressed the first day we met!

With your people being able to speak English fluently, communication was so easy. Be it a question, guidance on the city’s landmarks and history, or the usual comments on simple things, we found our connection. Your vibe is a mixture of both worlds – classicist and modern, serious and sassy, calm and exciting, organized and random, red and green. Wait, did I say that these are the things I so love about you?

You are not as high profile as the other capital European cities such as Paris, Rome or Madrid, and that invoked in me a feeling of mystery and hence, curiosity. With your approximate small population of 300,000, never did I have a feeling of worry for theft and deceit. I love that you made me feel secure.

I find it amazing that there was so much to fall in love with for such a small city – the clean Ljubljanica River and the romantic appeal of the bridges that cross it, the Baroque-style architecture of the buildings, the appeal of a laid-back small town and a bustling city combined, the intertwine of your built and natural environment, the sight of your snow-capped mountains, your charming alleys with several parked bikes, the sight of the Ljubljana castle perched on top of the city, your clean, cobbled streets, your vibrancy. I can spend days just gazing at you!


Oh, Ljubljana! A day and a night were too short to get to know you, and you’ve left me wanting for more of you. Lands and oceans apart, I’ll keep close to you, and I’ll surely not leave to fate our next rendezvous…


Thinking of you,


Credits to my sister for contributing two photographs to this blog.



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