Five Reasons Why Alpbach is My Favorite Place on Earth

Alpbach is a small Austrian village in the state of Tyrol. It was voted as Austria’s prettiest village several times, and it is very easy to understand why. πŸ™‚

Here are five reasons why Alpbach is my favorite place on Earth:

1. It is strikingly gorgeous!

The combination of its dainty, timber structures, dramatic alpine views, winding roads, lush, green meadows, its small shops, the charming church at the center of the village and everything that visually makes up Alpbach makes it strikingly gorgeous. The place is so bewitching that it made us decide to let go of another itinerary just to enjoy one more day and night in Alpbach.

2. The activities

We were in Alpbach in December 2016, and were very lucky to enjoy the beauty of Alpbach uncovered  with snow, but with snow-capped mountains and ski resorts in the background.

We enjoyed playing in the snow, sliding on the iced slope with a sled, riding a ski lift with breathtaking views all over the Austrian mountains, and watching the skiers show off their ski skills graciously.

In summer, I think Alpbach will be great for hiking, lake bathing, paragliding, cycling, enjoying the mountain views thru mountain lifts and picnics.

3. The food

We enjoyed the food served in PostAlm and in our guesthouse’s buffet dining area. I especially loved the hot chocolate personally prepared and served by Gitti, our guesthouse’s owner.

4. Its laid-backness

With its crisp air, lush meadows and snow-capped mountains, Alpbach gives a laid-back and relaxing feeling. And oh, some locals still wear the traditional, flamboyant dresses! Add up that Christmasy, lax feeling that the carolers give while hopping from home to another. Alpbach just melts my heart. πŸ™‚

5. And lastly but not the least, the people

The people speak English well, which makes communication very easy. They are also very hospitable.

A special shout-out goes to Gitti, our guesthouse host from Haus Sonnwend. She surely made us very welcome and comfortable. She upgraded our room on our first night. She cooked and served us breakfast all by herself. She was very friendly with my little one, and was the only person who made the little one wear all those stuffy snow gears. She also gave us tickets for an unlimited, free bus ride in Alpbach. Thank you very much, Gitti! You inspire me as an accommodation host!

How to get there:

Alpbach may be reached by car or via public transportation from Innsbruck.

By public transportation, take the train to Brixlegg from the Innsbruck train terminal station. Local buses are available from Brixlegg. πŸ™‚

Here are the details for Haus Sonnwend and PostAlm:

Haus Sonnwend:

Alpbach 244, 6236 Alpbach, Austria

+43 5336 5253


Alpbach 564, 6236 Alpbach, Austria

Tel. No. +43 699 12755926

How to enjoy Alpbach:

Just bring yourself and prepare to be awed! πŸ™‚

*All the photographs are by Iyah, Gilbert and Anna.

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