Happy Feet, Happy Fit

If there’s something better than having much freedom to travel on your own terms when travelling solo, or having so much fun when travelling with friends and families, it is being able to share adventurous experiences with your better half.  
However, many people say that travelling as a couple can be difficult and very stressful.  Well, in some instances, that could be right.  But then again, travelling together strengthens and adds spices to a relationship.  You get to share all the challenges, adventures (plus misadventures), see places and eat cuisines together for the first time, and create memories that you could reminisce and share with your children, grandchildren or great grandchildren, if you’re lucky enough. 🙂

As travel has played a major role in improving the bond between my husband and I, and because today marks our sixth year as a couple, I thought of sharing fifteen of my most favorite “happy feet, happy fit” pictures since we started travelling as a couple.  

Hope you’d enjoy this post. 🙂

as we while the time away atop Saranggani Highlands 

After an early morning trip to Gensan’s fish port, we visited Saranggani Highlands, which afforded us good views overlooking the province of Saranggani.  As we had a specific place in Saranggani Highlands all by ourselves, we tried to duplicate our poses during our very first travel as a couple in Hong Kong.  We lost one of our memory cards (with loads of Hong Kong travel pictures) on our way home from our Hong Kong-Macau trip by the way.

on a cloudy afternoon at Prambanan Temple, Yogyakharta, Indonesia

Coming off from Singapore, we headed directly to our hotel near Borobodur.  The trip from the airport to our hotel was more than approximately 1.5 hours, and it was much longer than what we have anticipated (admittedly, we have not done enough research and preparation for this trip because of our wedding preparations).  Just as we checked in, the lady from the concierge advised us that we should have headed straight to Prambanan Temple from the airport.  We ate packed Indonesian lunch inside the van on the way to this temple and were there on time.  Just on time before the heavy downpour while we were visiting the next Yogyakharta landmark near Prambanan!

at the petronas towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The picture, however bad the lighting is, is one of my favorite photos as this reminds me a lot of how we tried, for several times, to take a good picture of ourselves with the Twin Towers in the background.  Kuala Lumpur was the last city we visited during our Singapore-Yogyakharta-Bali-Genting Highlands-Kuala Lumpur trip in 2010.  It was in Kuala Lumpur where we got a “VIP tourist treatment” as a wedding gift from a good friend.


our skywalk at the 37th floor of the Cebu Crown Regency Hotel in Cebu, Philippines 
(year 2009)

Who would ever forget conquering one’s fear of heights?  

a picture taken by the Korean couple we met during our gondola ride in Venice, Italy
(year 2012)

We never really thought we’d have a real gondola ride along Venice’s Grand Canal!

as we await the sunset atop Piazzale Michaelangelo in Florence, Italy
(year 2012)

Florence is our top favorite city, and this picture of us at Piazzale Michaelangelo reminds us how Florence wowed us both aesthetically and gastronomically. 

a silhouette shot at the top of Borobodur Temple as sunrise unfolds, with Mount Merapi on the background 
(year 2010)

Witnessing a beautiful sunrise unfold at the top of the Borobodur Temple was a perfect reward for waking up at 4 AM.  For this alone, our side trip to Yogyakharta was really worth it. 

our very first parasail in Bali, Indonesia
(year 2010)

Have you ever felt what it is to be in “cloud nine”?  I guess being in “cloud nine” is parasailing, overlooking Bali, with the man you’ve just married.  By the way, I don’t know if I would be able to do this if I, alone, parasailed.  
at Hong Kong Disneyland
(year 2008)
We lost one of our most important travel gadgets during our first ever travel as a couple – a memory card.   With the lost memory card, our 360 degrees cable ride pictures, our Ocean Park adventures, our off-the-beaten path yoga poses had gone away.  Two days of Disneyland was very fun though, and we had the pictures saved in another memory card.  We’ll surely (forever) remember travel lesson number 1 – always aleays back up travel pictures!
at Zambales, Philippines
The picture above was taken at the beautiful paradise of Anawangin in Zambales, Philippines.  The place is lovely and very picturesque, in the same way that Capones and Pundaquit Islands in Zambales are.  Probably half of our most beautiful pictures together were shot in Zambales! 
at the Colosseum, as we enjoy the splendor of ancient Rome

Seeing the Colosseum and the other ancient Roman structures was a fulfilled dream for both of us! 🙂

our ATV-turned-buggy ride in Boracay, Aklan, Philippines


I initially wanted dreamed of driving an ATV so we had a trial ride at an ATV-rental company’s training grounds.  As I do not know how to bike (yes, unfortunately), I drove slowly during the practice.  As I thought that ATV-driving is easy and not-so-fun when you’re driving slowly, I decided to start picking up my speed.  Unfortunately, I did not have enough time to put on the brakes slowly as a sharp road bend was coming up.  I flew with the ATV.  To make the story short, we rode the buggy together (and I was not the driver..haha!). 


our ‘Lovers in Paris’ picture in front of the Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

The skies were overcast on our first and third days in Paris.  We were lucky enough that we planned to see the Eiffel Tower on the second day, when the weather was good and the skies were lovely to take beautiful pictures – of course, with the help of our very reliable tripod. 🙂

as we zipline over Lake Sebu Seven Falls, South Cotabato, Philippines 
Our most favorite adrenaline travel experience was in Lake Sebu, where we had 700 meters of exhilarating zipline fun at around 600 feet above the ground, overlooking the majestic waterfalls and the lush forests of South Cotabato.  
our big shoes at the Zaanse Schans Museum, The Netherlands


This was taken outside the clog factory at Zaanse Scanse, the Netherlands.  The windmills, the perfect weather, the beautiful landscapes and the crisp air – all these made a perfect day in Europe.  

Happy feet, happy fit! 😊


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