Paris’ Magic Spell

I have something to confess:  I do not love Paris.

Blame it to our hotel bathroom.  Or to its grey skies on the first and third days of our stay in Paris.  Or maybe to the difficulties that my husband and I had in communicating as most of the French people we talked to didn’t know much English words.  Plus, we did ate great-tasting food; the food were expensive though.


Albeit I do not love Paris, I miss the City of Lights.  In fact, I find myself having this ‘Paris nostalgia syndrome’ every now and then.  ‘Paris nostalgia syndrome’ by the way is the phrase that I use to describe my state (and my husband’s) whenever I get sappy over reliving our short autumn vacation in Paris.  And when I do, I can’t help but sing Vanessa Williams’ “Moonlight Over Paris”.   Guess why? 

Could I be under Paris’ magic spell?  🙂
No matter how lackluster the atmosphere was during the days with grey skies, Paris by night gleamed.  And as if some fairy has waved her magic wand, Paris by night exuded both charm and mystery.  I think that its charm emanates from the moonlight, the lights displayed by its famous monuments and the street lamps’ lights altogether; its mystery comes from the combination of its structures’ old and modern architecture and that crisp air that allows for meditative or romantic strolls.  

Here, have a glimpse of Paris by night and be charmed. 🙂   
The famous Seine River at night
Above are snapshots of the Louvre Museum at night.  
Remember the movie, “Da Vinci Code”?  
Above and below are pictures of the Eiffel Tower.  I have always thought that Eiffel is an overused symbol for Paris that I did not really expect to be wowed by this iron lattice tower.  However, seeing how it transforms into a golden yellow gem from being unlighted at dusk was just very magical.  The Eiffel Tower even twinkles due its strobe lights for about 5 minutes every hour!
Here are snapshots of the Eiffel Tower taken from inside our restaurant during dinner time:

The Eiffel Tower strobe lights in action 🙂

Below is a view of one of the streets in Paris as reflected from a building’s mirror.
The Eiffel Tower is everywhere! 🙂

All photos are by Gilbert and Anna.

“… you’ll have to fall in love at least once in your life, 
or Paris has failed to rub off on you.” 


2 thoughts on “Paris’ Magic Spell

  1. Your photos certainly make it look magical at night. I've found that there are some cities that really come alive in the dark, and I totally agree that Paris is one of them. In my case, I really love the dark overcast days too!


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