Photo of the Month: March 2013


An image of the largest Hindu temple and religious monument in the world – the Angkor Wat – is my favorite photo of the month.  I just love how Angkor Wat still looked winsome and distinguishable even in silhouette.  Hmm… Should I instead say that it still looked winsome and distinguishable as a water reflection? 🙂 


The image above was captured by Iyah Gravador during her Indochina trip to Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.  


Do you have a memorable travel photograph that you wish to share?  I hope to feature them one day in my Photo of the Month blog posts.  I am just an email away.  🙂


2 thoughts on “Photo of the Month: March 2013

  1. Hi Mary. 🙂 Yes, it surely is. Were you lucky enough to witness the sunrise? My sister (the one who took this photo) told me that they were up early to catch the famous Angkor Wat sunrise. However, it was cloudy. I wish I could also visit Angkor Wat someday. It's number 53 in my life list. 🙂


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