Photo of the Month: December 2012

I love the above photograph as it is very candid and simple, yet very striking.  I have not been to Laos, but the photo transported me to the country and made me feel the simplicity and hospitality of the Laotians.

The photograph was captured by Jazz Perez, a fellow Bulacan Letratista member and one of my favorite travel buddies, in her most recent solo travel to Thailand, Laos and Vietnam.  She describes her Laos travel experience as:

“In this land of smiling and happy people, it’s easy to get by. Never mind that only few of them can fluently speak English. You can get by with simple gestures and smiles. Their nation may be poorer than my third world country, but here I feel safe and at home. Why not? They tell me that I look Laotian so I’m honored to blend in “my country from a different mother” :)”  

For more of her travel photographs and stories, visit her blog site:

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