La Dolce Vita in Italia Day 1: Exploring Venice

Venice  [ˈvɛnɪs] 
noun, adjective

Canals.  Bridges.  Gondolas.  Piazza San Marco.  Pigeons.  Masks.  Romance.  Tourists. Expensive.


Yes, you’ve visited the correct website.  And yes, this is not a thesaurus nor a dictionary. 🙂  The above was my notion of Venice before the day we explored it.  

Due to the limited time and budget that we can afford to spend during our European holiday, my husband and I almost thought of eliminating Venice in the list of our must-visit cities.  However, who could afford the thought of having visited Italy without seeing Venice?  

Thus, we made Venice our first pit stop during our 11-day adventure.  Pit stop it is, we explored the city for just a day and night.  For a very limited period of time, I found out that there are more to discovering and remembering about a popular place such as Venice than the things it is very well-known for.  

While some people who have been to Venice say that it is beautiful, romantic and unforgettable, some say that it is overcrowded, flood-prone, crumbling, falling apart and expensive.  Hmm… I’ll say that Venice is all about:

Canals.  Bridges.  Gondolas.  Gondoliers.  The Koreans.  Romance.  Piazza San Marco. Pigeons.  Masks.  Venetian lamps. Tourists.  Narrow Alleys.  Off The Beaten Paths.  Pizza.  Rialto Bridge.  Churches.  Walking.  Human Maze.  Architecture.  Graffiti Art.  Photogenic.  Old-World Charm.

Why?  Because for me, the above make Venice stand out.  And because the above, in one way or another, made our Venice trip memorable.

The snapshots below are some of my our fondest memories of Venice.  

View from the Rialto Bridge
Snapshot taken during our gondola ride
Rialto shopping area
Snapshot of a canal from a small bridge
Scenes as seen from the Rialto Bridge at dusk
During our gondola ride
A view of the Correr Museum and beyond from Saint Mark’s Campanile
Seeing Piazza San Marco and a lot of Venetian tourists for the first time
Near the Rialto Market
A typical door bell bearing the names of the owners
At one of the back streets
Basilica di San Marco
In front of the Frari Church
At the Grand Canal, during our gondola ride
San Giovanni Evangelista Church
View from Saint Mark’s Campanile
A peek thru one of the bridge rails
The Piazza San Marco
At one of the Venice calles
During our gondola ride
Venice pastries
At one of the mask stalls at the Rialto Bridge
The horse ornament of a gondola
View from the Rialto Bridge at sunset
The Doge’s Palace
Gondola ride anyone? 🙂
A statue from the facade of Piazza San Marco
An extraordinary and scary mask at one of the stalls
These look like a series of speakers at first glance but these are actually doorbells.
From the window of a Ferrari shop
Magnets sold at one of the Rialto Bridge stalls
Near the Frari Church
During the gondola ride
View from the Saint Mark’s Campanile
A Venetian doorbell 
View from one of the shortest bridges we’ve crossed – a very narrow canal
Venetian masks


View from Saint Mark’s Basilica
Basilica di San Marco 
View from Saint Mark’s Campanile
At the Rialto Market and San Giacomo di Rialto

Frari Church

San Giorgio Maggiore
The Correr Museum at Piazza San Marco
The Grand Canal

Doge’s Palace and Basilica di San Marco Boundary
From over one of Venice’s many canals

Our “gondolamates”
Venetian lamps


At the Grand Canal
The Rialto stalls at night
During our trip all over Italy, not just in Venice alone, the above was a very normal sight.


Vandalisms or Graffiti Art?
Photo opp near the Frari Church
Off to Hard Rock Cafe
Where we ate the “pizza to remember”
Excited for the gondola ride. 🙂
At the Grand Canal aboard the gondola

By the way, for those who ask if a travel to Venice is expensive, I’ll say that it could be inexpensive if one chooses to.  How?  Let’s get you to my next blog:

Photos by Gilbert and Anna  🙂


“Like all great travelers, I have seen more than I remember, 
and remember more than I have seen.” 

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