Travel Goosebump Stories

In time with the All Hallows’ Eve on the 31st of October, I thought of sharing two of the travel spooky experiences I have had in 2010.  Happy Halloween everyone! 🙂

Photo by Bong Villamor

Goose bump story 1

My husband and I were all prepared to leave this hotel (one of our all-time favorite hotels) at around 4:00 AM to catch a 6:20 AM flight.  Just as we were picking up our baggages, our television turned on.    We both looked at each other to check if any one of us accidentally pressed the television’s remote control power on – no one did!  Yay!

I calmly looked for the remote control and found it beside the television.  When I was about to use the control to shut the television off, the channel was swiftly changed and I haven’t even touched the control.  The television screen showed a horror movie!  Strange?

Goose bump story 2

My husband and I were preparing to sleep when I heard the sound of an object falling off from inside our hotel room’s bathroom.

   Me:  Did you hear that sound?
   Hubby:  Yes, I think the sound came from the adjacent room.

After a few minutes, I heard another sound from inside the bathroom.

  Me:  I think that sound came from our bathroom this time.
  Hubby:  No, that still came from the adjacent room.

Okay.  I had no choice but to believe him so I could get calm; I just decided to sleep.  Okay, I was not totally very calm, I clung tightly to hubby =P.  I then heard another sound – the bathroom curtains were being pushed to one side.  I decided to ignore the sound.  It should be coming from the adjacent room again.

Just after we checked out from the hotel the following day, I informed hubby about this sound that I heard from the adjacent room.  Hubby said while smiling, “I heard that, too.  That sound came from our   bathroom.”


How about you?  Have you got any spooky travel tales to tell? 🙂

Houses are not haunted. We are haunted, and regardless of the architecture with which we surround ourselves, our ghosts stay with us until we ourselves are ghosts.
– DEAN KOONTZ, Velocity

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