Five at Three Sixty

He had planned to propose for marriage at the 360 Cafe, Macau Tower on our first year anniversary celebration 4 years ago.  The sudden heavy rains, though, kept us from getting to Macau Tower so we opted to spend the rest of the day at the Venetian Macau instead.

After 4 years, we’ve found our way to celebrate our fifth year anniversary at a revolving restaurant – the Three Sixty – ‘beating the odds’ this time.  The Three Sixty revolving restaurant is located at The Torch.  The Torch is also well-known as the Aspire Tower, which is actually a 300-meter giant torch that was lit during the opening ceremony of the 2006 Asian Games.  If Paris has the Eiffel Tower and New York has the Statue of Liberty, what is it for Doha?  

It’s The Torch.  

To reach the Three Sixty revolving restaurant, we passed through the very impressive lobby of the hotel (I’d say the architects made use of the structural steel bracings effectively) and rode the high-speed elevator to the 47th floor.  I have to mention that the elevator ride was intense that it felt like we were in an exciting theme park ride.

These were the scenic views of the city during the dinner:

I was especially raving about the salad which had a slice of salmon.  This was an entree from the French set menu.

When I ate their version of the creme brulee, I was reminded of the scene from the movie Ratatouille (about how exciting the food tasted when it was paired with the different ingredients).  Every bite of the creme brulee with the different fruit toppings was interesting and cute – if it is acceptable to use the word ‘cute’ for food.

We were amused with how the chef did the food platings! 🙂

Here are our other photos of the night:

All in all, the experience was fantastic – a splendid three hundred and sixty degrees view of the Doha City without standing from our dining chairs, great service from the staff, a stimulating ambiance and good food.  I’d recommend dining at the Three Sixty at least once – if not for food, at least for the experience. 🙂


5*    First Timer’s Experience
5*    Ambiance
5*    Service
4.5* Food
3*    Cost

Photos by Bong and Anna

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